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Win4Life Masterclass

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March 22nd-26th

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Learn what your athlete should do to be a stand-out college recruit.

Invest 5 days with me, and get the strategies your athlete should be using to stand out from the crowd and improve their scholarship opportunities.

This Master Class Is For You If...

  • You have an athlete who dreams of playing college or professional sports.
  • You are parent or coach overwhelmed /confused/frustrated by the college sports recruiting system.
  • You need your athlete to own the recruiting process, and be able to present their best self.

5 Days. 5 Lessons.

My Win4Life strategies will show YOU how your athlete can improve their scholarship opportunities.


Day 1- A Champion's Mindset

It all starts with a mindset. I'll give you a Win4Life tool your athlete can use to develop a champion's mindset and evaluate their performance/effectiveness on and off the field.

Day 2- Evaluate Colleges With Ease

Before your athlete can effectively use the Coach Communication Strategy, they need to target colleges that are a good fit. There is a college for everyone; I'll give you tips to evaluate colleges in our new normal.

Day 3 - Cultivate Coach Connections

Today each sport has its circle of connected coaches. Social media makes it easy to stay connected, yet tapping into that circle is not automatic. I'll share strategies athletes can use to tap into their sports circle of coaches.

Day 4 - How To Be Scholarship Ready

Thousands apply to each school and coaches, and colleges make a huge investment in athletes. Whether seeking an academic or athletic aid, learn what your athlete needs to know and do to be scholarship-ready and present their authentic self.

Day 5 - Don't Sabotage Your Scholarships

Communicating with a potential coach is not a one-and-done situation. I'll map out strategies for outreach and follow-up athletes should use to separate themselves from the pack. Remember, one text message can make or break an athlete's scholarship opportunity.

Ready to set your athlete up for success?

Meet Leslie Allen.

  • Leslie Allen is an honor graduate of the University of Southern California, with a degree in speech communications. She is an ATA, NCAA, and WTA champion, winning DI coach, and sports executive. A former WTA Tour tennis pro ranked #17 in the world, she knows what it is like to be on the spot and the importance of impeccable life skills. Through her Win4life program, Allen has empowered hundreds of young men and women. They learned how to be winners both on and off of the playing field.